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from American GuardRail Supply
A safe, strong and durable fencing option

Guardrail comes in 10 and 12 gauge steel and is galvanized to prevent rusting. This makes guardrail a superior option that will last for generations with little or zero maintenance.
When used with livestock, proper installation will keep the livestock from breaking out! This is surely good news for both the herd and their handlers.

And, the option of “used” guardrail as fencing is cost effective to the buyer.

Fact: American Guardrail will supply the transportation for each guardrail purchase. Leave the shipping up to us.

Fact: Guardrail comes in two basic shapes: the W-beam with a 2-waves design and the Thrie-beam that has 3 waves (humps).

Fact: Guardrail makes an excellent wind-break in work spaces when the 13’6” panels are halved and installed upright, side by side.